Robert & Carol Lutz. Ad. 06372. Posted on March 2015.

"Although we were very skeptical at first contact, your rental acquisitions staff made us feel at ease the very next day. Renting our condo unit in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico had never entered our minds! This letter is to thank all the staff at La Jolla Marketing Group for such an easy, painless and comforting process. I sure hope we can do it again next year"


Roger Parkinson. Ad. 06294. Posted on January 2015.

"Hi: I am very satisfied. Excellent traffic, good results. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to improve their sales volume...Congratulations!"


Karen & Richard Wines. Ad. 02198. Posted on January 2013.

"I really like your style. I was debating the services between your company and a couple of others and I decided to go with you because of your friendly, informative, less-pushy but persistent sales approach. Thank you!".


Mike Smith. Ad. 02263. Posted on December 2013.

"Just wanted to thank you for the great service we received while marketing our timeshare. We felt the process was painless and professional all the way through the closing. Thanks again".


Steve & Molly Taylor. Ad. 05452. Posted on December 2014.

"Hi,we have been using your service for the last couple of years to rent out our condo and I have to say that it is fantastic".






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