What happens during the course of a timeshare or fractional ownership rental?

At times our company enlists the help of timeshare owners and some fractional ownership members all over North and Central America in order to facilitate the daunting tasks that are required of us when major corporations choose us to consummate annual conventions, award ceremonies, business travel and the like.


If you are a first time "rentee", yes that's a word we made up, or seller of your timeshare or fractional ownership and have been fortunate enough to have been contacted by our acquisitions staff, here are some facts that might help you in the process.


First, if after being contacted by one of our highly knowledgeable representatives, you are indeed interested in renting or perhaps on rare occasions even selling it all, you will be sent, either by fax or e mail, a written proposal that specifies all that was verbally quoted to you on the initial phone call. If you agree with the written proposal simply follow the instructions in the final paragraph of said proposal and fax or email the document(s) back to us at La Jolla Marketing Group.


Within 24 hours an Exclusive Rental Contract will be created and sent to you via fax or email. This Exclusive Rental Contract will spell out the entire process that needs to occur in order to acquire, rent and fund you for your weeks in the most expeditious way possible. The document is usually only three pages, but it explains exactly what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you.


When do I receive the proceeds from a timeshare sale?

Payment is entirely contingent upon us receiving the following: For a transfer of deeded property, we need:

- The purchase funds from the buyer.

- The deed which transfers the ownership of the unit.

For vacation club memberships or right-to-use timeshares, we need:

- The correct transfer documents.

- The purchase funds from the buyer.

- Additional confirmation from the resort.


Who assumes responsibility for Maintenance Fees assessed by the resort?

As a rule, the timeshare owner does.


How do I receive the proceeds of my rented or sold weeks?

This can be done in the form of a Cashier´s Check or Bank wire Transfer to a personal account of your choice...




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